Minneapolis DID Greening Master Plan

LOCATION : Minneapolis, MN
SIZE : 120 Square Blocks

The Minneapolis Downtown Improvement District (DID) hired a team led by Damon Farber Associates to develop a phased greening master plan that would transform downtown Minneapolis over the next 20 years into a more pedestrian friendly and green downtown. The design concept focuses on five key areas of downtown: gateways, primary streets, secondary streets, supporting streets and public/private greening opportunities. The plan balances the desire to have 4 distinct seasons of interest with the need to create long term sustainable solutions. The first phase, implemented in 2010, includes new planting on Hennepin Avenue, Nicollet Mall and the 5th Street LRT corridor. The improvements also extend into the warehouse district expanding the green initiative towards Target Field. The effort has resulted in pedestrian friendly spaces where a harsh urban environment once dominated and has contributed to making downtown Minneapolis a competitive and thriving environment for residents, businesses and visitors.