The Parklot Chalkboard and Crowd

The Parklot Temporary Park

The Parklot Pallet Furniture

The Parklot Minneapolis

The Parklot Grand Opening

Parklot design

parklot perspective

parklot wall pattern

Parklot palette seating

Palette furniture

Parklot terraced palette seating

parklot volunteers

The Parklot Project

LOCATION: Minneapolis, MN
CLIENT: Hennepin Theater Trust

Public open space is invaluable in our urban environments and there is a discernible lack of it in downtown Minneapolis. In an effort to move toward a more people-friendly Minneapolis, we’ve teamed with the city, community organizations and other businesses to convert a surface parking lot on Hennepin Avenue into an outdoor amenity for all people. Our goal was to create a safe, inviting, and vibrant public space that will be used by downtown professionals, theater goers, students, pedestrians, bicyclists, bus patrons and other visitors to downtown. The Parklot Project uses recycled materials to create a low-cost replicable model for other under-utilized spaces In Minneapolis.