MN Landscape Arboretum Woodlands Performance Center

LOCATION : Chanhassen, MN

The Wood Duck Pond site is located in the Northwestern portion of the Arboretum property, adjacent to Wood Duck Pond and an existing ingress/egress to Highway 5. Two unpaved walking trails connect to the larger Arboretum pedestrian trail network. An area to the North has been graded flat is used as overflow parking and a nearby field could also accommodate future parking. Topography North and West of Wood Duck Pond features steep terrain with frequent plateaus at high points in the landscape, providing scenic view sheds toward the pond. Vegetation on the site is primarily maple woodland with open understory, wetland meadows to the South and East and fallow farm fields to the West. The terrain facing south toward Wood Duck Pond is well suited to an amphitheater with access to vehicular/pedestrian infrastructure, even slopes, southern-facing solar orientation and view sheds across the lake.