University of Minnesota – Northrop Mall Historic Architectural Survey

Location: Minneapolis, Mn


Archaeological Research Services

Hess, Roise and Company

Miller Dunwiddle Architecture, Inc


In October of 2013, the University of Minnesota retained a consultant team led by Miller Dunwiddie Architecture, Inc. (MDA); with Archaeology Research Services (ARC), historical consultant Hess, Roise and Company (HRC), and historic landscape architects Damon Farber Associates (DFA).  Specifically, the team was requested to provide the following: Complete an inventory of the buildings, landscape and other features of this defined historic area, along with a survey report that provides contextual and descriptive narratives. Conduct a physical investigation of the properties within the district, record our observations with detailed field notes and digital photography to illustrate what is significant or valuable about the historic building, site, structure or object documented. Description of the Mall as a whole and its relation to the campus. Descriptions of individual buildings and other features with recommendations for their status (contributing/noncontributing) within the district. Delineate the period of significance, significant dates, and areas of significance for the historic district.