Chuck Evens, PLA

Senior Associate


A skilled and thoughtful designer, Chuck believes the built environment adds value and improves the quality of life for all of us. He seeks clever ways to create strong relationships among spaces and enhance the places we live, work and recreate. His work has focused on the creation of unique, sustainable and complementary environments and his broad project experience includes park planning and design, housing, higher education and senior living. Perhaps his most notable influences though have been in the corporate sector in which Chuck has worked with clients such as Target, 3M, and Life Time Fitness to develop design guidelines that are influencing design decisions across the country, improving brand image, lessening environmental impacts, and controlling costs.

Grams Regional Park / Mankato Riverfront Park / University of Nebraska / Friendship Village Fitness Center / Life Time Design Guidelines / Target Site Design Guidelines / Ecolab / Fortune 500 Corporate Headquarters + Dining Terrace / University of St. Thomas / Village of Mendota Heights / The Commons / Lab 280 / Tectura Designs