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June 12, 2017

Water Works Park was recently recognized in the Star Tribune! The article presented the new updates of the project since the last public meeting in May. “The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board approved revised plans this week for the park at the western end of the Stone Arch Bridge. The vision for the $30 million transformation also includes a hillside performance space and a play area” (Star Tribune). The new plans will include spaces for public gatherings, hillside activities, lawn space, and access to the Mississippi River. The building will be constructed within the foundation of the historic Fuji Ya building. Kate Lamers, of the Park Board said, “We wanted this site to be more about parks than about architecture, and people felt this was a good way to both minimize how much architecture is on the site and a compelling way to use the mill foundations,” Lamers said. We will continue to provide updates to the project!

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