‘Center Village’ plan comes into focus

March 27, 2019

Shopping malls are experiencing major changes throughout the United States. The City of Burnsville is taking a proactive approach to proposing a new vision for its Burnsville Center shopping district. The city is proposing mixed use redevelopment in addition to reorganizing the transportation matrix surrounding the area. Damon Farber partnered with the City of Burnsville and other subconsultants to create a new master plan that proposes a solution to many of the mall’s current development issues. DF/ used a series of strategies to relocate and improve major circulation routes, retail entries, and open space within the Center Village.

A recent news article by Hometown Source highlights the idea to use Tax Increment Financing (TIF) to “allow local governments to grant incentives to developers and repay the costs of improvements such as new streets through increased future tax collections on redeveloped or newly developed properties.” Hometown Source continued to say, “The Damon Farber team has identified up to $31 million in public projects to complete the vision of a “Center Village” redevelopment in the corridor.”

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